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2016-09-11 08:44

I was pumped up for dress-shopping day #2. After my last experience, I was honestly really iffy about wedding-dress shopping, and going in I didn’t know if we would have any luck. I scheduled two appointments, one at a tiny place owned by a woman who is related to my step-dad, and one at David’s Bridal. I honestly didn’t know what DB would be like, but I figured they would have the most variety so I thought I’d give it a try.

I woke up not feeling like a million bucks due to a bit of a crazy night out the night before,但这次我要服从我本人的心声, but was excited. My mom had warned me that the place we were going to was very, um, “cute little Italian lady in a tiny dress shop,” but I was excited nonetheless. My sister, mom, aunt, and BM Sam came with, and as soon as we met Elizabeth, the owner, I fell in love. She was adorable, and the tiny cute older lady I imagined. I showed her some pictures of what I liked and described it, and the first two dresses she showed me, I fell in love with.

Excuse my mom’,马会开奖结果125555;s iPhone photos.

The dress just felt so right. I would have had to get it in white (this is ivory), and would have to make some changes: adjust it so the sweetheart neckline is more emphasized, and take some of the fluff out of the bottom. Plus, for some reason, the dress sample was a size two, so it fit me. I think that’s why I got so excited. The one thing that stopped me from picking it was the bottom. Although the lace on top was gorgeous, it faded at the bottom, and I really wanted lace all the way down.

The second dress my family fell in love with. This one did have lace all the way down, but something just didn’t feel right. I liked it, but didn’t immediately love it more than the first. The fit seemed just a bit off, and it felt a little too heavy. Oh, and also, when I saw the pictures later, I HATED it. Don’t ask me why—it just didn’t feel right.

We had scheduled our David’s Bridal appointment for immediately after this, so we all headed over. Now, let me say that I have nothing against DB and was excited to go there because I thought they would have tons of options and it would be the perfect place to get a feel of what I needed. But it. was. miserable.

I entered the store in the middle of an argument going on about lost bridesmaid measurements, which quickly escalated to involve the woman who I was working with at the desk. I’m not sure if it was this incident that then threw the staff off, but I explained to my consultant what I was looking for and she quickly shoved me into a dressing room that I could barely enter because of other dresses blocking the way.

Now, lace is a tricky thing, and I know this. It’s super delicate, and it doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not sure if she didn’t understand what I was looking for, but the dresses she gave me were nothing of the sort. When I stepped out of the dressing room, I couldn’t help but laugh and how bad I looked, but continued to try the other two on. Each time I looked for my consultant, who was nowhere to be found. After I had tried them all on, I searched for her again and couldn’t find her, so I threw in the towel and got dressed. I briefly saw her on the way out and explained I didn’t think the dresses were the right match for me. We were probably in there 15 minutes.

I don’t blame DB, but it wasn’t for me. The thing that was most nerve-wracking was that I was already having second thoughts about my dress choices at the first place. Oh geez, this wedding-dress business was not easy.

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